The Prince of Wales Visits Singapore to Launch The Singapore Prize

National University of Singapore’s (NUS) Department of History in its Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences invites submissions for its third Singapore Prize competition, open to any non-fiction work written in English from creators from any nationality and with an aim of making Singapore history more accessible beyond academia.

This year’s prize winner will receive GBP 1 million (S$1.7 million) to advance their projects and collaborate with Singaporean public and private sector partners to accelerate them. These winning projects were chosen due to their efforts on various environmental issues including creating a waste-free world, fixing climate issues, rejuvenating oceans and protecting and restoring nature.

On his visit, Prince Charles will meet with Singaporeans and learn more about how local groups are working to protect and restore our planet. Additionally, he will attend a United for Wildlife summit and hear from law enforcement agencies and conservationists working collaboratively on fighting illegal wildlife trade – estimated at $20 billion annually.

William will present an initiative at the ceremony that will involve NUS community members working collaboratively to make sustainable living easier and more accessible for everyone. It forms part of Prince William’s Earthshot Programme, which seeks to raise awareness about climate change issues while offering ways that we all can play our part in combatting them.

At the ceremony, he will be joined by singers and musicians such as One Republic, Bastille and US actress and singer Bebe Rexha. Additionally, he will use this occasion to plant a Tembusu sapling at Jewel Changi Airport; marking it as the first time any foreign or local dignitary has planted an actual tree there.

The ceremony will be shown livestreamed globally from NUS Theatre and also streamed online via X, Singapore’s digital platform established by its Government in 2023. In past years, this awards show took place in Britain; but this year will mark its inaugural visit to Southeast Asia.

Before arriving in Singapore, Prince Harry posted a video of his journey to the airport, where he was met by cheering crowds with handmade signs and Union Jack flags bearing greetings of “so handsome”. The royal was seen laughing out loud when someone shouted it back at him and shaking hands with many who lined the airport while greeting children as he passed through. Additionally, he took selfies with many fans before eventually taking one with an elderly lady holding up a picture of his late mother Princess Diana as well. On this special occasion he donned a 10-year-old dark green Alexander McQueen jacket!

By rockitfm
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