Month: December 2023

The Sidney Prize and the Edelstein Prize

The Sydney Prize is an award given out each year to those who have distinguished themselves in different fields of work, honoring those who strive hard towards realizing their dreams, and has become a worldwide symbol of prestige. Winners receive significant amounts of money that they can use towards funding future plans or promote science – especially biology or medicine fields – amongst the public.

Sydney Prize recipients are well-known for their commitment to serving their local communities. They are frequently recognized by local governments and organizations – such as Lord Mayor Clover Moore of Sydney – for their service. Winners may also be invited to speak at events to share their story and inspire others, using their prize to fund projects which help enrich people’s lives in Sydney while inspiring others.

Although the Sydney Prize boasts multiple categories, each is subject to specific eligibility requirements for nomination. These requirements may include a minimum age and academic achievement thresholds. It is best to familiarise oneself with these specifications prior to submitting an application; please also be ready with references as reference may be requested during an evaluation process.

The Sidney Prize was established to commemorate Professor Sidney Cox’s profound influence over thousands of Dartmouth students both inside and outside his classes. Each year it honors undergraduate writing that best meets his standards of originality and integrity.

Sophia Jactel of Art History won this year’s award with her paper on Domesticity and Diversions: Josef Israels’ The Smoker as a Symbol of Peasant Culture and Home in Nineteenth-Century Holland.” Her research was overseen by Professor Sally Cornelison, contributing significantly to our recent exhibition Domesticities: The Art of Daily Life.

The Sydney M. Edelstein Prize, bestowed annually at the Society’s triennial Council Meeting, recognizes outstanding scholarly contributions to the history of technology. Nominations open a year and a half prior to each Council Meeting via Key Reporter, general newsletter and social media.

Nazanin Boniadi has been honored this year as the inaugural winner of the Sydney Peace Prize for her tireless efforts in Iran to advance human rights and women’s empowerment, becoming the first woman ever to do so. Additionally, she founded Women’s Activist Group which seeks to transform outrage into action; thus making her one of Iran’s best-known advocates for human rights.

SGp Prize Review

SGp Prize Casino offers you an online casino where you can win real cash prizes by playing games that offer them for free and with ease. Their user-friendly interface makes navigating and finding games effortless and they have a comprehensive library of slots as well as other popular options to keep players busy and safe with 24/7 customer service and customer support available around the clock.

Sgp Prize, based out of Singapore, provides online gambling services to players worldwide. Their secure website accepts multiple payment methods including credit cards. Furthermore, players can access their account from multiple devices allowing busy lifestyles the freedom of gambling without leaving home.

There are various strategies you can employ to win a Singapore Gaming Prize prize, but what matters most is doing so legally. That is why it is crucial to become familiar with your country’s laws regarding gambling before betting or playing; some countries have stricter restrictions while others are more accommodating.

Additionally, it’s crucial that your gambling activities remain legal, but also to understand the risks involved with winning an SGP prize. Sometimes the prize money doesn’t reach its intended destination and could end up being mismanaged – to protect yourself, it is wise to review any terms and conditions of any site you consider playing on before signing up with it.

The SGP Prize is one of the world’s most coveted and valuable awards, but winning it may not be easy. Doing your research increases your chances of success; read up on each country’s rules and regulations before selecting a website licensed in your jurisdiction that has an impeccable reputation.

Live SGP Prize is a service that delivers daily toto singapore results and an extensive list of SGP Prize results in real time, making Indonesian togel players eligible to play SGP Togel more likely to achieve success in predicting each day’s result of Toto Singapore Token Exchange (TKSE). As such, Live SGP Prize will create the opportunity for them to consistently produce results toto singapore every day.

Results SGP Pools provide you with a lifeline from an SGP website, making playing SGP with data from active pools possible and up-to-date sgp tables always present and fully competitive – thus necessitating frequent checking of this vital facility.

The Prince of Wales Visits Singapore to Launch The Singapore Prize

National University of Singapore’s (NUS) Department of History in its Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences invites submissions for its third Singapore Prize competition, open to any non-fiction work written in English from creators from any nationality and with an aim of making Singapore history more accessible beyond academia.

This year’s prize winner will receive GBP 1 million (S$1.7 million) to advance their projects and collaborate with Singaporean public and private sector partners to accelerate them. These winning projects were chosen due to their efforts on various environmental issues including creating a waste-free world, fixing climate issues, rejuvenating oceans and protecting and restoring nature.

On his visit, Prince Charles will meet with Singaporeans and learn more about how local groups are working to protect and restore our planet. Additionally, he will attend a United for Wildlife summit and hear from law enforcement agencies and conservationists working collaboratively on fighting illegal wildlife trade – estimated at $20 billion annually.

William will present an initiative at the ceremony that will involve NUS community members working collaboratively to make sustainable living easier and more accessible for everyone. It forms part of Prince William’s Earthshot Programme, which seeks to raise awareness about climate change issues while offering ways that we all can play our part in combatting them.

At the ceremony, he will be joined by singers and musicians such as One Republic, Bastille and US actress and singer Bebe Rexha. Additionally, he will use this occasion to plant a Tembusu sapling at Jewel Changi Airport; marking it as the first time any foreign or local dignitary has planted an actual tree there.

The ceremony will be shown livestreamed globally from NUS Theatre and also streamed online via X, Singapore’s digital platform established by its Government in 2023. In past years, this awards show took place in Britain; but this year will mark its inaugural visit to Southeast Asia.

Before arriving in Singapore, Prince Harry posted a video of his journey to the airport, where he was met by cheering crowds with handmade signs and Union Jack flags bearing greetings of “so handsome”. The royal was seen laughing out loud when someone shouted it back at him and shaking hands with many who lined the airport while greeting children as he passed through. Additionally, he took selfies with many fans before eventually taking one with an elderly lady holding up a picture of his late mother Princess Diana as well. On this special occasion he donned a 10-year-old dark green Alexander McQueen jacket!

IDN Poker Review

Poker Idn is an engaging card game requiring skill and strategy. To become successful at it, players must learn how to read opponents and calculate pot odds correctly. Furthermore, regular practice and learning from other players is essential – this will increase your odds of victory while simultaneously building up your bankroll. However, always play responsibly by only spending what can afford.

Idn Poker Network is one of the largest networks in Asia, providing a variety of games and promotions. It features a secure encryption system with 24-hour customer support; anti-hacking/anti-collusion policies are adhered to strictly; licensed by BMM Compliance Singapore Pte Ltd with random number generator for fair play; user friendly software allows creating private tables which are password-protected – plus lots more!

Contrary to most poker sites, idn has developed an inclusive mobile app compatible with most devices that is easily downloadable from its website and available both for iOS and Android operating systems. Players can login using their user id and password and play online poker at anytime of age with no minimum deposit requirements; multiple accounts may also be created in order to increase bankroll.

Idn poker offers a vast selection of games, 24-hour customer support, and a secure encryption system, plus bonuses such as tournament entry tickets and Tcoins for its international players who prefer playing in their native currency. Furthermore, playing on Idn poker is safe as its anti-hacking and collusion policies provide extra safety while gaming poker on Idn.

idn poker has seen rapid growth in China over recent years. With fast-paced action and generous payouts, it has quickly become one of the favorite Asian poker variants as well as being an attractive option for westerners looking for a fun way to make money.

While IDN Poker may not have the traffic of PokerStars, its soft traffic at lower stakes makes for an enjoyable alternative for anyone tired of grinding MTTs on larger networks.

Idn Poker website is simple to navigate and offers many popular games like video poker. Additionally, this service features round-the-clock support via live chat that helps provide assistance when needed while playing. Furthermore, multiple payment options and languages are supported on this platform.

ShenPoker is one of the largest operators on idn Poker network. Offering reliable and secure online gaming platform that accepts payments in local currencies as well as multiple languages – not to mention an intuitive website experience compatible with most mobile devices – ShenPoker stands out among competition as an operator that you can trust with your money.

ShenPoker also boasts an expansive security policy and takes great strides to safeguard player privacy by requiring identification and address verification before withdrawing funds. Furthermore, this website actively looks out for any illegal activities and swiftly bans players who violate its rules.

The Basics of Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the oldest casino games and remains highly popular worldwide. Although it may lack some of the flashiness and glamour found in other casino games like blackjack, baccarat can easily be learned and offers multiple variations for play.

Baccarat, also known as Punto Banco, is a card game played on a circular table by several players at once. A dealer acts as the banker while players place bets either on one player, the banker, or a tie outcome; all bets placed will be returned if there is a tie outcome; winning on banker results in nine times your amount wagered as payouts.

Goal of the game: Betting on a hand which totals as close to nine as possible. A winning hand is determined by dropping one digit when adding all pips (the dots on playing cards that represent clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades). Aces count as zero. When calculating this digit players must drop the first one from calculation before dropping any further ones to determine its value and determine its remaining sum value.

At the outset of each game, participants can place bets on Banker, Player or Tie hands. Once all bets have been placed, a dealer will distribute two cards to each hand – player and banker compete against one another to be the best; winning banker hands receive 1:1 payout; however, any winnings accrued from betting on Banker hands may incur a 5% commission charge from the house.

Typically, the player hand will outshone that of the banker; this is because banker hands tend to have lower house edges and tend to win more often than player ones. Furthermore, banker bets tend to be less volatile compared to player ones, meaning less large losses and smaller gains overall.

There are a few intriguing side bets you can place when playing baccarat, though they’re typically not offered at every casino. A player pair bet offers 11:1 odds and wagers that players will receive identical cards during a deal; similarly, banker pair bets offer 5:1 odds.

While there are various baccarat strategies you can employ, the key thing to remember is keeping control of your gambling habits. Setting loss limits before entering a game and stopping when they have been reached will prevent making unwise decisions that could prove costly in the end. Furthermore, knowing your bankroll before beginning will help ensure you do not blow through it too quickly; never bet more money than you can afford to lose and leave when losses exceed stake amounts will help manage losses and make the most out of every moment spent at the table.

The Meaning of RTP Slot and How to Choose the Best One for Your Gambling Needs

RTP (Return To Player) percentage measures the average return a slot machine will offer its players over time. Although this varies between games, understanding what RTP slots are and their impact on winning is crucial in choosing one that meets your gambling needs. In this article we discuss their meaning as well as selecting one suitable to you!

Many players select their online slot games based on RTP percentage alone; however, other factors should also be taken into account when choosing games that best suit you. Different slots offer differing payout frequencies and some feature progressive jackpots which increase your odds of success significantly. It is therefore wise to read and understand each game’s rules prior to playing them; RTP percentage of any slot can be calculated by adding up wins divided by stakes subtracted from house edge; then divide by total spins.

new to online gambling should consider playing high RTP slots as they provide better odds of winning and can help newcomers become accustomed to the game more quickly. Unfortunately, even these games still carry the potential risk of financial loss; therefore if serious about gambling ensure that no more money than you can afford is used on such activities; furthermore there are resources available for those in need of assistance with problem gambling.

While higher RTP slots may have lower maximum payouts, it’s important to remember that the RTP is simply an estimate and does not guarantee you will win. Over time you may lose more than you win; thankfully this won’t be an issue at online casinos since they have less physical restrictions limiting playback than brick-and-mortar venues do.

Codex of Fortune tops this list as it offers an RTP rate of 96.61% with 40 paylines and five reels that feature Art Nouveau imagery, boasting a maximum payout of 10,000x your bet. Developed by NetEnt, this game is moderately volatile but contains numerous bonus features – including Fortune Re-Spin where keys can be saved up and used to climb an ascending prize ladder.

Dead or Alive from NetEnt is another high-rtp slot featuring Jesse James and Billy the Kid from the Wild West, offering an attractive RTP rate and multiple bonus features such as re-spins, free spin multipliers, replicating Medusa wilds and replicating Medusa wilds. Its psychedelic graphics evoke flower power culture while its soundtrack includes songs such as Purple Haze and Voodoo Child for maximum entertainment value.

As with any form of real-money gambling, never gamble more than you can afford to lose. Always play responsibly on a reputable casino site offering responsible gaming; for any concerns related to real-money gambling you can seek support through National Center for Responsible Gambling or Gamblers Anonymous.

Online Slot Pulsa

Online slot pulsa is an entertaining gambling game you can access via laptop, desktop computer or mobile phone. There are various games you can choose from and each comes with a Return to Player percentage which indicates your chances of success – enabling you to select one which fits best with your preferences and budget.

Enjoy playing slot pulsa in a safe environment without risk of scamming! These games are user-friendly with high quality graphics and sounds; just be sure to read through each game’s terms and conditions prior to beginning to play as they vary per game and be mindful of both minimum and maximum bet amounts before engaging.

YGGDrasil site is one of the top spots to play online judi slot, as it provides a vast selection of games. Plus, with numerous bonus offers and free spins you can try your luck without risking your hard-earned cash! Plus it is run by an established gaming company in your country with an appropriate license!

Deltaslot88 slot pulsa terbaik is another site you should check out, part of the Delta Group that has been operational since 2009. Trusted by casino players from Indonesia since 2009 and boasting an extensive library of games; plus multiple languages supported with secure registration process!

Alongside providing an impressive selection of slot games, the site also provides outstanding customer support service. Their friendly support staff is available 24 hours a day to quickly and effectively answer any queries and technical issues that may arise.

HOKI178 is the best slot gambling website, offering RTP Live slot online real time to fans of slot gambling. By making use of these facilities, enthusiasts of slots online gambling can increase their winning odds when betting at official slot gambling websites.

Nexus was always dedicated to offering attractive online slot gambling that could be played across its entirety, such as making graphics and sound that caught peoples’ eye while offering features to make gameplay better. They created engaging graphics and sound designs as well as features that enhanced game play.

Nexus slot supports multiple payment methods, including e-money such as BCA, Panin, BNI, OVO, Dana and LinkAja. You can even deposit using your bank account. Therefore it is highly advised that you utilize Nexus Slot in order to ensure the safety and security of your money as payments can be easily made and conveniently with this method; deposits/withdrawals can be completed with just a single click – saving both time and effort! Its intuitive design also makes the interface aesthetically pleasing; even better still you can access your account from mobile devices!

How to Play a Slot Online

Slot online is a game in which players use reels to spin, hoping to land wins from spinning the reels. Bonus features like wild symbols, multipliers, free spins and jackpots make these games suitable for beginners as well as experienced gamblers – plus they’re easy to learn and compatible with multiple devices!

The technology behind slots may seem complex, but its basics are easy to grasp. Unlike their electromechanical predecessors, online slot machines use software which generates random numbers every millisecond to determine where symbols land on reels and determine winning amounts for players. Independent experts audit this system regularly to ensure its fairness.

Online slot gaming is overseen by government agencies to ensure its integrity and safety, with probability-based slots providing an unbiased outcome that cannot be altered by either players or casinos. Plus, online casinos often offer greater control over payouts than their land-based counterparts – though there can still be risks such as addiction and fraud associated with this form of gambling online.

Finding an online slot with a high payout percentage is crucial for optimizing profits while limiting losses. There are multiple ways of doing so, but one effective solution is checking the payout tables on the casino website where you are playing – these should display how much of an average and maximum win per spin you should expect in terms of expected amounts won per spin, and any possible maximums as well. Be wary of any house edge or house rules within each game that might exist; carefully read their rules prior to beginning play!

Note that it is always wise to play within your budget. If you have limited cash available to spend, selecting smaller stakes may be better than opting for huge jackpots right away. Patience and time are keys to successful gambling!

There is an abundance of different online slots available, each boasting its own special features. To start off your experience on the right foot, it is essential that you choose one you enjoy playing based on factors such as number of paylines or symbols used; some slots even feature dropping symbols which create multiple wins at once!

Online slot machines differ significantly from their traditional counterparts in their design and graphics. Instead of employing simple blocky graphics, online slots use 3D models with captivating animations that draw players’ attention and are fun to watch. Many also come with themed versions like sports, fantasy, food, pirates or entertainment to increase appeal among wider audiences while offering developers greater opportunity for innovation when creating new features. Many are mobile-friendly as well, giving even greater reach compared to their competition and increasing appeal across a wider demographic.

Pragmatic Play Review

Pragmatic play refers to using language to convey meaning in real-life situations, which all children need to develop for success in both studies and interactions with others. There are numerous activities that promote pragmatic play such as sports or games which teach kids how to follow rules effectively while communicating effectively with teammates, while encouraging them to use various types of jargon during competitive settings.

Gaming industry competition can be fierce, requiring software developers to consistently release new titles. Unfortunately, some developers lack creativity and simply duplicate existing games; Pragmatic Play takes an alternative approach by producing quality titles that engage players.

Pragmatic Play offers more than just slots – they also specialize in classic casino classics like roulette and blackjack for both casual gamers and high rollers alike, boasting attractive graphics with user-friendly controls for mobile devices and being fully compatible.

Pragmatic Play’s commitment to fairness stands out amongst its many advantages. Their online casinos utilize random number generators (RNG) that guarantee fairness for all players regardless of where they reside or their geographical location. Their RNG is audited regularly by respected organizations to ensure it satisfies regulatory requirements while being supported by an outstanding security infrastructure that includes encryption and firewall protection.

Pragmatic Play’s games are developed by an expert team comprised of programmers, designers and mathematicians who combine extensive experience creating innovative games with dedication to providing the highest-quality products. Their products undergo regular tests to ensure they comply with industry standards while remaining compatible across major platforms.

Pragmatic Play’s inaugural live casino was unveiled in January 2019. Hosted by trained dealers and broadcast from an advanced studio in Bucharest, its advanced technology currently supports 43 tables but with capacity for expansion in future.

All Pragmatic Play games are thoroughly tested by independent agencies to ensure that they are fair. Once approved by Pragmatic Play’s governing bodies, games are released only if they pass inspection. Furthermore, Pragmatic Play conducts internal audits of its products to make sure that none are defective.

Developers searching for reliable Pragmatic Play APIs should visit their website, search “Developer” or “API”, and click on any relevant links that lead to their page providing information on how to access their APIs.

Pragmatic Play’s games can be found at various online casinos that accept US players, many offering an exclusive selection of Pragmatic Play titles – in addition to video slots they also feature classic casino classics like roulette, blackjack, and baccarat as well as network promotions and tournaments where players have the chance to win cash and other prizes.

What is a Slot Demo?

Slot demos provide players with an opportunity to test out online casino games without placing real money at risk. While these versions of games may lack some features found on real money slots, they still provide gamers an excellent way of experiencing new titles and seeing if it fits with them – such as testing different settings, taking advantage of bonus features, or getting acquainted with gameplay itself.

People generally understand that slot machines operate on luck, yet few understand their inner workings. Playing for fun requires only simple rules – spin the reels and hope for a winning combination – however modern video slots that use all available technology offer far more than this simple gameplay model.

Slot machines are among the most beloved forms of gambling, and for good reason. Their accessibility, low minimum wagers, and potential for big jackpots all combine to make slots an enticing form of entertainment – but keep this fact in mind when determining how much to bet. The house edge in slot games tends to be higher than in table games; when making your decision as to how much to bet.

Demo mode should always be distinguished from real-money gambling; otherwise it can become confusing and cause frustration among players who find themselves losing more often than they win. To combat this frustration, some developers display messages or special symbols to remind players they are in demo mode while some even include pop-up notifications after every few spins to reinforce this message.

History of Slot Machines in BriefHistorically speaking, slot machines began as mechanical clockwork devices featuring reels and handles to accept coins from customers. There were various machines prior to 1895 when San Francisco mechanic Charles Fey unveiled his Liberty Bell machine in 1895 that gave rise to modern slots we now enjoy as computerized games.

Early in the 1990s, game developers began experimenting with video slots featuring bonus events and five reels – closer in nature to traditional table games than mechanical three-reel machines found throughout casinos. Silicon Gaming introduced Odyssey video slot in 1996 but failed to catch on among U.S. gamers and was soon replaced by similar offerings.

Casino operatorss today strive to create immersive slots experiences by using ever-increasing graphics and technology, immersing their players into an experience they won’t soon forget. Video slots come in all sorts of themes from ancient history to futuristic sci-fi; from multiple paylines and reels with symbols for winning combinations to storylines which increase entertainment value while increasing player engagement; some even include high-quality sound effects and animation for even further enhancement. Mobile gamers especially enjoy these slots which often include social media integration so players can interact while gaming – creating an immersive gaming experience like never seen before!

Joker123 Review

Joker123 Casino provides an impressive variety of online casino games and features an intuitive website with secure transactions and convenient navigation, as well as live chat functionality and mobile applications for player use.

Slot machines are one of the most beloved forms of casino gaming, offering random rewards depending on what symbols appear on a pay line. Unlike traditional casino games, however, joker123 slot machines do not limit how much money can be won through these video games; your success lies entirely with you!

Play Joker123 slots from any computer or mobile device and enjoy this 24-hour-a-day game whenever it suits you. Explore different slot machines before making a deposit; just make sure you pick a reliable site with clear rules before getting started!

joker123 offers not only an assortment of casino games but also offers bonus programs to its players. These bonuses can help extend your play and increase earnings – however these may not be available to everyone; newcomers to online gambling should start out by placing small bets before gradually increasing them as their experience builds up.

When selecting a joker123 slot machine, it is crucial that you find one you understand and enjoy. Doing this increases the odds that you will have fun while being successful at the game itself. Furthermore, before beginning play it would be beneficial to read up on its rules and strategies before beginning to play it.

Before playing Joker123, it is necessary to register with the site. You can do this either through visiting its official website or registering through messaging apps like WeChat and Telegram. Upon registering you will receive an ID number and password which allow access to the website; once this process has been completed you can begin betting with real money.

joker123 stands out as one of the more trustworthy online gambling sites, thanks to its customer service representatives always available and ready to assist with any problems you might be experiencing. Many individuals recommend it highly; its excellent standing has been measured through numerous positive customer reviews received over time.

joker123 gives you the potential to win big without spending much cash, particularly if you get lucky enough to land the Joker Card Bonus Symbol on an active pay line. When this occurs, a separate screen appears where you must select cards to reveal prizes such as jackpots or free spins that could lead to additional winnings.

Learn the Basics of Poker

Poker players receive cards and place bets into a pot in the middle of the table, betting until their highest-ranked hand when betting has concluded wins the pot. Amount placed into pot varies based on game rules and type of card used – typically games of poker can involve five, six or seven players at once.

As a beginner in poker, it is wise to begin playing conservatively at low stakes tables until you gain confidence and observe how other players act. Once comfortable with the game and feel ready to progress further, increase the number of hands played while learning how to read tells.

Learning betting strategy and reading your opponents is also beneficial. You can do this by watching other players interact, studying their tells and taking note of when to call or fold based on strong hands.

Attaining risk in any game is part of the fun, but you must exercise extreme caution with regard to how much risk you take on. A common misstep among many players is doubling down after suffering losses – this can quickly lead to bankruptcy. To prevent this scenario from unfolding, only bet with small sums you can afford to lose, with individuals whom you trust as teammates.

Poker may be a game of chance, but its odds can be affected by strategy and psychology. By employing certain tactics – for instance raising when your hand surpasses an opponent’s calling range – or folding when your hand becomes weak, your odds can increase substantially.

To be successful at poker, one must be willing to take calculated risks at the right times. For those accustomed to a more conservative approach, this may prove challenging; to become an excellent poker player and succeed at making money through poker you must learn how to overcome your fear of making mistakes while managing risk effectively.

A successful poker player must understand how to assess his or her odds of getting a winning hand. For example, if your opponent’s bets increase with frequency while you possess weak hands it might be wiser to fold early and save yourself some money by not going beyond your buy-in amount. Just stresses the importance of managing risk as both an essential skill for both poker and life in general, adding that some risks you take may fail, but will provide valuable lessons regardless. Risk management is also essential in trading, she states. “If your odds of winning are quickly declining, this could be a telltale sign that it may be time for a switch in strategy.” This applies both in poker and trading: It can be easy to remain locked into an initial strategy and continue chasing losses instead.

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