The 2018 Hong Kong Prize

The Hong Kong Prize (hk Prize) is one of Asia’s premier high school competitions, celebrating academic achievement and extracurricular participation in Hong Kong high schools. Winners receive both monetary prizes as well as access to Hong Kong’s premier research facilities. Students taking part can use this experience to gain internships or professional opportunities down the line; but to win this prestigious competition participants must strictly abide by its rules and regulations.

The winners of hk prize can range from students who use technology to help homeless individuals to artists interpreting human rights concepts through fine art. Award organizers hope that providing this platform will encourage more students to follow their dreams and realize success, thus supporting science development and improving healthcare access in the region.

Some winners have already garnered international praise for their work. Documentary director Benny Chan won multiple awards at the 2022 Hong Kong Film Awards for its action choreography and music; furthermore, it became the second-highest grossing movie that year at box offices worldwide.

Hong Kong-based scientists who invented liquid biopsy – which allows doctors to diagnose cancer faster – were recognized by an impartial panel of experts, receiving the prize from them as part of the Hong Kong Prize series, launched in 2016. Open to researchers worldwide and selected through an impartial process without sponsorship or committee influences, its goal is to honor scientific advancement and its applications such as artificial intelligence/robotics; life/healthcare innovation; materials/energy innovation and advanced manufacturing/FinTech applications.

Representative Christopher Smith (R-NJ) and Senator Jeff Merkley were two US lawmakers responsible for nominating Hong Kong Prize recipients: Representative Christopher Smith and Senator Jeff Merkley are cochairs of the bicameral Congressional-Executive Commission on China, where these nominees serve as staunch supporters of Hong Kong autonomy and civil society in face of rising authoritarianism; their names include Jimmy Lai, Cardinal Joseph Zen, Tonyee Chow Hang-tung, Gwyneth Ho, Joshua Wong among many others.

The HK Prize recognizes scientists and engineers whose contributions have had a significant and lasting positive effect on society. Research may encompass any field of science, and must demonstrate how innovations serve society or the economy. Not only will winners of this award receive a financial prize, they’ll also gain access to laboratories in Hong Kong where they’ll collaborate with experts from all over the globe while learning cutting-edge science. It has proven an effective platform for stimulating new ideas and discoveries. Spinoff companies have even been created as a result of winning these awards, while researchers from all backgrounds can recognize their hard work with it as a form of recognition and encouragement to continue on with research efforts. Previous recipients include several Nobel Prize winners. It serves as the perfect way to show our gratitude and to encourage hardworking scientists in all fields to continue advancing science forward.

By rockitfm
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