Sydney Pools – Keeping Your Pool Safe During the Sweltering Australian Summer

Safety should always be the top priority when it comes to Sydney pools, particularly during the hot Australian summer when drowning remains the number one cause of unintentional child deaths under five. Pool owners must abide by stringent NSW standards to ensure the wellbeing of those using their pools – this means having an appropriate fence around it with sufficient height that prevents children from climbing over; additionally it’s wise not to place climbable objects close by such as chairs or trees which might entice climbers closer.

Swimming pools remain a great way to cool off in the sweltering temperatures and provide entertainment for children and adults. Not only is a pool enjoyable and relaxing activity, it can also be therapeutic; swimming helps reduce stress, boost moods and alleviate pain/depression while strengthening muscle strength/endurance. Furthermore, many methods exist for keeping swimming pools safe and clean; one such tool being installing a pool skimmer to remove debris while covering it to protect swimmers from possible harm from debris ingress.

Sydney pool builders must abide by various laws, such as being licensed by NSW Fair Trading. When choosing a builder, check their license to ensure it matches with what is written on your contract for work to be performed and inquire about warranties offered.

Swimming pools provide endless recreation, but if they are not properly maintained they can become dangerous. Unfortunately, drowning incidents have occurred in backyard pools in the past; this can be avoided through proper maintenance and supervision of pools. There are various tasks required of maintaining safe and sanitary pools such as checking pH balance, balancing chemical levels in water sources and assuring there is an adequate chlorine content level in their waters.

Jackson Center Community Pool remains uncertain of its opening this year due to an anticipated lack of lifeguards. A special meeting will take place Thursday at 7 pm in council chambers to address this matter and Village Fiscal Officer Bev Wren noted that by mid-July many children working at the pool tire out and make other summer plans.

The National Trust has heritage listed a variety of locations throughout New South Wales, including ocean and harbour pools. Here are five of the best rock and ocean pools to visit this summer.

By rockitfm
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